Account Access

Shared Branch Account Access

KTCCU is a member of the COOP Shared Branch Network. This network allows you to access your credit union account and conduct business nationwide at any of the participating credit union shared branches. There are currently 5,600 shared branch locations in 50 states.

Just click on Shared Branch Locator or type http://co-opcreditunions.org/locator/ and enter your zip code. The locator will then show you the shared branches in your area. You can do any transactions currently performed at any of our branches.

Online Banking

Virtual Branch is your 24/7 internet account access. The following are the transactions you can perform with Virtual Branch:

  • View account transaction history
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Cross member transfer of funds
  • Send money to other financial institutions
  • Send money to an individual
  • Check withdrawal requests
  • View images of processed checks
  • Pay bills online
  • Set up account alerts
  • Apply for a loan
  • Design the look of your Virtual Branch page
  • Use the loan and savings calculators
  • Transfer funds to antother Financial Institution
  • Set up Account Alerts

You can sign up online or by contacting the credit union to have Virtual Branch activated.

Log on to Virtual Branch
  • Enter your member number
  • If this is your initial sign-on, you will be asked to set-up the security features, just follow the instructions
  • On subsequent sign-on, click Password Page, answer the security questions, verify the security picture and phrase, and then enter your password
  • Then select the transaction you wish to perform and access your account information

Phone Access

Your account information can be accessed by a touch-tone telephone 24/7. You will need your account number when using this product. You can sign up by calling the below phone number.

  1. Call Phone 620-232-7906 or Toll Free 866-569-3941
  2. You will hear the Menu then enter:
    1. Member – If you already have a password
    2. Sign Up – To use this system
    3. Merchant Check Information
    4. Other Information
  3. After entering a number you will then hear the Main Menu enter:
    1. For Account Information
    2. For Transfers and Payments
    3. Account Balances and Tax Information
    4. For Other Information
    5. * To Return to the Prior Menu
  4. Then simply follow the instructions for the action you wish to perform.
  5. Account Access By Phone may be used with your home phone or a cell phone.

Mobile Banking

Download the Touch Banking app. Touch Banking is a secure, convenient way to access your credit union accounts anytime, anywhere, using your smart phone and it’s free. You can view your account balances, transactions, transfer funds, pay bills, and much more. All you need to get started is an eligible account, have Virtual Branch activated on your account, and a mobile device that has access to the internet. Just sign into Online Banking, click the self service tab, and click Mobile Money. Then follow the instructions to download the Touch Banking app to your phone.

The transaction code to activiate Mobile Money is GoMobile0522.

Or if you do not have a smart cell phone, use the Phone Access system by calling 620-232-7906 or Toll Free 866-569-3941. Then sign up for this service and hear you Account information and perform transactions from your phone. You can use a smart phone, regular cell phone, or land line phone to use this service.


Over 70% of identity theft starts with paper. You can help prevent that by using eStatements. With KTCCU' eStatements your credit union statement is delivered electronically with a preceding email notice that's it's ready. eStatements are normally available early in the day the first of each month. With electronic delivery you can eliminate US Postal mailing time and any personal risk from private information sitting in your mail box. eStatements are easily accessed by just a click within our secure online banking system.

  • Quick and easy
  • 24/7 secure access to your statements
  • Statements are archived up to 13 months (starting with first statement after enrollment)
  • View actual checks that have cleared your account
  • Eliminate mailbox and identity theft opportunities
Sign Up for eStatements

Sign Up for eStatements
  1. Sign into Online Banking
  2. Once in Virtual Branch, click the Overview Screen
  3. Under the eStatement’s heading, click Sign up for eStatements
  4. Click the Sample Statement, then click Agree
You are now signed up to receive eStatements.


The following procedures are to be used to set up accounts to be downloaded into Quicken and how to use the download.

Account Set Up

  • Log into Virtual Branch
  • Click on Self Service tab
  • Under the Personal Options tab, click on Account Lists
  • Click on the account that the transaction history is to be downloaded to Quicken
  • Under the Account Detail tab, in the box titled Register Export Name, enter a title for each account (saving, checking, loan, etc.) to be downloaded. Each account must be set up with a different title for the download. Then click ok.

Download Procedure

  • Log into Virtual Branch
  • Click on the Account Access tab
  • Under Account Summary, click the account that the history is to be downloaded
  • Click the Export button (located in the black History title line)
  • Under Account Summary-Export Account History, go to the bottom of the page and click the download to Quicken button.

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